Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Adoption Update

Well we have some good news...our paperwork (called Dossier) got sent to Moscow 2 weeks ago and the embassy translated them pretty quickly. Our caseworker informed us this morning that our Dossier went to an orphanage yesterday and will be looked at by a director. She believes that's where our baby is!!!!

So far, it's a good day for Walter and I.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Not Good Eats!!

What a Crock....POT!

As some of you know Walter and I were on vacation all of last week. We didn't go anywhere: we stayed home. We did however finish the little odds and ends in the house that we started years ago and just never go around to finishing them. REMEMBER: We are going to be parents...EVERYTHING must be PERFECT!

While Walter was working on the hallway moldings I decided to dust off the old (but never used) Crock Pot and try a few recipes...easy enough...NOT.

Because I'm in retail and I guess I'm a nice person with patience to listen, I hear it all the time from the Moms, that time is something you can never have enough of...and you don't get enough of it. As my attempt to train myself to be Super MOM I figured I would use the crock pot.

1st I went Simple...Rice Pudding...FLOP!
2nd I tried again...Rice Pudding...FLOP!
3rd Breakfast Dish.........FLOP!
4th Same Breakfast Dish.....FLOP!

There was no 5th dish....Yet...I am determined to have a good "something" out of there. I hear great things about it...I followed the recipes in fact I had Walter read it back to me just in case i was missing something.

I know how to read and I'm not stranger in the kitchen BUT that crock pot is my challenge....and it's going down!!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

OMG We're Adopting!!!

By March of last year we pretty much knew that adopting a baby was really the only way for us to have a family. So when we were ready we had a throw all the needles and medicine party (for 2). Sounds corney but it was great to let go. Walter had an empty water bottle and we dumped the medicine in it...we broke every needle and labeled the container...and that was the end of that!!

Shorty after we had recieved our application from our adoption agency and BOOM... instantly, we were part of the "adoption circle." Though we had mourned a bit about not being able to have our own children, we had found another dream. This is wonderful dream that will come true.

Instantly, we saw things differently even in our home. Things like doorknobs, radiators with no covers. It was a sense of responisblilty that I guess one that is expecting would feel.

There was a point of our process that there was nothing we could do...we were waiting for our 1st set of paper work to come back from the state and of course everything is done 4-6 weeks (or more) in the "adoption world."

So we wait and wait and wait....I have a "freak-out" moment (this is where the tittle comes into the story)......I say OMG We're Adopting and I don't think we traveled enough. Now naturally we have had a list of places that we've wanted to go and thankfully alot of those places were no more then a 5 hour drive away from our home. Some of the places we've been to last year were Gettysburg, PA......Finger Lakes, NY...Niagara Falls, NY & Canada...more shore time and ofcourse not to mention every long weekend we went somewhere!!! We had a great time. We knew we weren't going to Russia so we had decided to use up every week and go somewhere. It was a great idea and we have no regrets about it.

2007...It was a good year.

Monday, February 18, 2008

I Did It!!!

New To This!!!

Well here I am writing my first blog, not knowing what in the world I am doing...Walter is at work and he would probobly figure this out with out looking because he really is the "updated" one and I'm not.

I'm trying to get a picture in here. This what I'm saying in my mind....what-the ...huh .....what?!.....maybe I'll just wait for him to get home in about 10 hours!!! (Before I crash our Computer)