Wednesday, November 11, 2009

It’s all coming back to me…

Coloring is such a relaxing thing to do. Somehow as we got older and took on responsibly, someone must have said “you’re too old to color.” So we gather all the broken crayons, the old and well used coloring books and threw them away. Its official in our minds we are too old. So we forget and we pick up other habits of relaxation. Some of us read books, played video games, sat in front of the computer, some of us shopped, some rode cars to nowhere.

The coloring thing was in the past. Till you become a parent. Then all the memories of your childhood slowly come back. Things like, a bath. We are reminded of how much fun a bath is, especially when there are lots of toys floating around awaiting for you to pound them back in the water. Splashing around…that’s pretty cool. Blowing bubbles in the back yard on a summer day…so sweet; it was fun to watch the bubbles “disappear.” To run threw a sprinkler and make sure to not get hit by the tips of the water or drench your self with the water of the garden hose. How about not having to worry that you have red sauce all over your face at the dinner table?

All these fond memories are coming back with everyday that I spend with our son. Where and which path of my life did I forget how to be free spirited? When did I stop clapping when my favorite food was served or my favorite song played? When did I stop dancing as my favorite TV show’s theme song played?

I don’t know when, but one thing is for sure...It’s all coming back to me.

Keep coloring,

Monday, November 9, 2009


What a crazy but fun day!! First we started off the day with a Raggamuffin Parade in town, then stopped by a few of our friend's houses to trick or treat then we went to Grandma & Grandpa Hurrell's house for dinner and playtime with cousin Kimmie, then to his Godmother's house, went to Hoboken to see decorations, THEN back to Grandma & Grandpa's house!!! I told you it was a little crazy!!!!

All in all it was alot of fun and just as we expected...a crazy Halloween!!


Poor Miss Piggy...

Are you caught in the hype or tired of it?

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Joey's Baptisim

A day we've been waiting for a long time. Many thanks to our Pastor, Father Brian of St. Francis in Hackensack for a very memorable and beautiful day.

We've dreamt about this day for years and just like any other great event it came and went too fast.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Where does the time go?

I can’t believe that it’s been so long since I’ve blogged. It does feel good to be able to sit in front of my laptop and type. What a luxury it is to have time to yourself!!!

The truth is (and to no mom’s surprise), I’m so busy!! It’s a constant day, always on the move and when he’s down for a nap (When he naps), I’m catching up on cleaning and all the other everyday things. I know this is not “breaking” news to moms out there.

Overall….it is so wonderful being a mom. I absolutely love it! My rewards come during the day and at night. During the day when Joey decides he needs a kiss and a hug or when he says “Maaaaaam” and gives me the most precious smile and at night when he curls up on me and puts his tired head on my chest. Those are the moments that I cherish every night and I’m so glad that they’ll be repeats tomorrow.

“Time flies” ….and indeed it does. I can’t believe Joey is going to be 21 months soon and he’s been home for 8 months now!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

We’ll we celebrated Valentine’s Day …Family Style and I have to say it was the absolute best Valentine’s Day EVER!!!

Walter Started off in the morning making pink pancakes and after he was done he asked me the sweetest question any woman would love to hear…I swear I heard Angels in the background singing…he asked….”What would you like me to Grill for dinner tonight?”…SWEET!!!!

Needless to say I really wanted a Surf and Turf dinner. We had steak, clams, shrimp and for dessert cupcakes! It was delicious. Joey has his own menu; Spaghetti and sauce. He also had his own special way of eating it.

I made a Heart chandelier and every heart had a special message for “my boys”. It was all about family….we had a great time!!

These moments are the ones that we've been dreaming about for a long time and now they are here....finally!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

UUUUHHHH...the wind!!!

The wind ruined my beautiful Picket Fence!!! So annoying!!!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Meet Us At The Park!!

Well it was a little breezy today but if you bundle up properly it’s good enough to go out to the park.

This morning Joey decided to wake up AN HOUR EARLIER!!! In “mommy world” that’s painful. I need that hour to drink my coffee, take shower, drink another cup of coffee, blow dry my hair, do something in the kitchen that I was too lazy to do the night before, drink what’s left of the coffee pot, make breakfast and lunch for Walt, feed the cats and prepare Joey’s breakfast!

When SOMEONE wakes up an hour earlier and is cranky all the regular morning routine is impossible…I know I was lucky to get a shower and a quarter cup of coffee….at least I got that, but it all turned out well anyway. I fed him, got him changed …blow dried my hair, bundled us up, made a to-go cup of “life support” for myself and headed outside around the lake and then eventually at the park. It was a lot of fun. Our friends Erin with her two kids, Emma and Mikey joined us again and everyone had a great time. We were out today from 9:30 till 12.

Now it’s 1 pm and Joey is napping, I just had lunch and I need a nap….LOL.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Outside World

Anyone who has spoken to me for one minute gets the same song and dance about how I can’t wait to take Joey out for a stroll. Going for strolls in the mall was getting old. It’s been so cold here however we did get a little break for an entire 2 days!! Yep…we went outside. I took Joey for a stroll around the lake, passed the children’s play area (it was covered in snow, so we didn’t stop there), we went though a few streets and back to the lake in perfect time to see the geese and ducks bathing. Joey loved looking at the geese. He was pointing to them and blah, blah-ing to them; it was adorable!! I only wish I had my camera to capture that excitement in his eyes when he saw something new!!

After the hour and a half stroll, we ended our outing in the back yard where I just let him do his thing, get dirty, play with sticks…you know boy stuff. He didn’t move too much. I think he was amazed at the grass and branches that were left on the ground from the enormous tree we have in the back yard.

Here are a few pictures of Joey on the grass for the first time…..AAHHHHH…the outside world!!

Explain Why?!?!? Part Two

Once again...with all the toys...A laundry basket?!?!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Joey is really tring to have a converstation with me. It's the cutest thing. He'll start blah-ing and when he notices that I'm not looking at him when he talks, he will turn to me and start talking in such a way that it just melts my heart. I can't understand what he's saying but it really is the cutest thing ever!!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Explain Why?!?!??!

With all the toys he has, why does he love playing with an empty Huggies box?!?!

It really is the cutest thing. I love watching him discover and imagine; it fascinates me.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Arge's Blog...

I would like to introduce Arge's Blog. Check it out. She's an awesome cook, she does wonderful crafts and she's got a point of view that can Rule The World!! I absoulutly love her and am so happy she finally took the Blog plung.

Good luck Arge!!!

Friday, January 23, 2009

20 things about me

1. I like Raw Broccoli with Ranch dressing. I could eat that all the time.

2. I can't stand people who display their political points of views through racist jokes. (it shows their ignorance)

3. I wish I had more time to myself...and if i did, I wish that I wouldn't be so lazy to do nothing with that precious time.

4. My son is teaching me is a learning process.

5. I love and NEED my coffee in the morning.

6. I secretly get mad at my husband if he doesn't set the coffee up in the morning. (I feel bad that I'm mad then I get over it quick)

7. I've come to peace with the fact that at the end of the day I will probably have snot and spit up on me. (as i wrote that Joey literally just spit up apple juice on my pants)

8. So far it has taken me from 8:30 am till now (10am) to fill this out so far)

9. I absolutely love being a mom.

10. I'm so in love with my husband.

11. Adoption has always been a dream of mine since I was 12 years old, when I saw a couple with 3 Korean boys on the beach...funny where life takes you.

12. Dreams do come just have to make them happen.

13. My motto since I was 16 years old was "Trust God, trust yourself and second guess everyone else" It's worked for me so far.

14. I have the greatest friends, even the ones i don't talk to everyday, I hold dear to me...I'm very lucky.

15. I get annoyed at people who "settle" instead of getting what they want or close to it.

16. I have an addictive attitude . When I like something i want a lot of it. That's why I never got into drugs just food.

17. I love girly things like makeup and jewelry but I have to remind myself everyday to put some on.

18. I hate my frizzy hair!!

19. I hate when I give a dizzy answer...It pisses me off.

20. It is now took me a total of 2 1/2 hours to fill this out....and in between I have fed breakfast, gave 2 bottles of Water with juice, changed 3 diapers (one had MAJOR POOP), been spitted on, cleaned about 3 tissues worth of goooie snot, had a short conversation with my husband, put Joey down for a nap ....Yes it's all worth it.....AAAHHH the life of a mom.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

It’s been toooooo long….

I’m a Mom ….I just love saying that I have a son, my child, my precious little angel. How am I doing…well the answer is great..(this week)!!!

Let me explain…When we arrived on Christmas night from Russia, we figured we would have a bit of energy to at least eat. We made sure Joey ate but Walter and I just couldn’t find the energy to eat. I wasn’t feeling good from when we arrived in Moscow on the 20th and we were tired. The next day went well for the most part. Joey was extremely attached to my hip, which was adorable however NO ONE could even talk to him without him crying. It was pretty sad…not for Joey but for our families that have been praying for arrival and couldn’t wait to get their arms around him.

We had a wonderful dinner at my in-laws on the 26th. My family was invited as well and we were all together. We ate well, we had fun then we went home and that’s where the fun began.

I wasn’t feeling so good. I ignored it as much as I could. I put Joey in the high chair. He seemed hungry so I was feeding him mashed fruit. All of a sudden I couldn’t ignore the feeling in my stomach. I told Walter to take over, ran upstairs to the bathroom and threw up so much…It was horrible!!! I laid down for about 15 minutes got up and threw up again. It happened again and Walter called my doctor. Doctor said if it happens one more time bring me to the hospital. Well it happened a few more times…OFF to the hospital we went (my mom stayed with Joey). Long story short…I had an infection of my intestines from antibiotics prescribed by a doctor in Moscow, which were too strong for my body to take. After IVs with lots of different medicines so I would stop throwing up…finally it worked. I was sent home at 6:30am with prescriptions and a good luck and a feel better!

I was completely out of commission for 2 days after that. Walter became Mr. Mom/Nurse. We called for back up and our friend Kelly came to the rescue. She came over for most of the day and helped with Joey and me. When I was able to get back on my feet (sort of) we notice that Joey was still not feeling better. We went to the Pediatrician and found out that Joey had a double ear infection and a cold. Poor little man was put on medication. He is also dealing with teething as well.

Needless to say, Joey was NOT a “happy camper.” We did the best we could to comfort him. The following week we went for a follow up and he was doing a lot better.

WEEK TWO: Walter went back to work and I was with Joey. It was tough. He cried so much. I had a hard time because I just didn’t know what he wanted. He would put his arms up for me to pick him up so I did, then he would wiggle and cry that he wanted to be put down…so I did…and that’s how the entire week went. He barley napped and I was exhausted, I still wasn’t feeling well at all and I felt like I should have known what he was crying about. The truth is I had to constantly remind myself of how many days Joey has been home and that’s when it made sense to me and I would calm down and just deal with it.

Week Three: I know it’s only Wednesday but so far it’s been wonderful. Sure he cries but I do realize that he’s teething. I always have the Orajel handy, I know he likes a bottle as soon as his eyes open in the morning, I know when to play Peek a boo and make him smile, I know what foods he likes, I know what makes him sleeper for naps and at night, and I know that he’s more comfortable in his new home and he knows who his mom and dad are.

I know some things will change in time or next week or maybe tomorrow but I’m feeling great now and ready for that challenge.

I’m a mom…and he’s my son. I love saying that.