Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

We’ll we celebrated Valentine’s Day …Family Style and I have to say it was the absolute best Valentine’s Day EVER!!!

Walter Started off in the morning making pink pancakes and after he was done he asked me the sweetest question any woman would love to hear…I swear I heard Angels in the background singing…he asked….”What would you like me to Grill for dinner tonight?”…SWEET!!!!

Needless to say I really wanted a Surf and Turf dinner. We had steak, clams, shrimp and for dessert cupcakes! It was delicious. Joey has his own menu; Spaghetti and sauce. He also had his own special way of eating it.

I made a Heart chandelier and every heart had a special message for “my boys”. It was all about family….we had a great time!!

These moments are the ones that we've been dreaming about for a long time and now they are here....finally!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

UUUUHHHH...the wind!!!

The wind ruined my beautiful Picket Fence!!! So annoying!!!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Meet Us At The Park!!

Well it was a little breezy today but if you bundle up properly it’s good enough to go out to the park.

This morning Joey decided to wake up AN HOUR EARLIER!!! In “mommy world” that’s painful. I need that hour to drink my coffee, take shower, drink another cup of coffee, blow dry my hair, do something in the kitchen that I was too lazy to do the night before, drink what’s left of the coffee pot, make breakfast and lunch for Walt, feed the cats and prepare Joey’s breakfast!

When SOMEONE wakes up an hour earlier and is cranky all the regular morning routine is impossible…I know I was lucky to get a shower and a quarter cup of coffee….at least I got that, but it all turned out well anyway. I fed him, got him changed …blow dried my hair, bundled us up, made a to-go cup of “life support” for myself and headed outside around the lake and then eventually at the park. It was a lot of fun. Our friends Erin with her two kids, Emma and Mikey joined us again and everyone had a great time. We were out today from 9:30 till 12.

Now it’s 1 pm and Joey is napping, I just had lunch and I need a nap….LOL.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Outside World

Anyone who has spoken to me for one minute gets the same song and dance about how I can’t wait to take Joey out for a stroll. Going for strolls in the mall was getting old. It’s been so cold here however we did get a little break for an entire 2 days!! Yep…we went outside. I took Joey for a stroll around the lake, passed the children’s play area (it was covered in snow, so we didn’t stop there), we went though a few streets and back to the lake in perfect time to see the geese and ducks bathing. Joey loved looking at the geese. He was pointing to them and blah, blah-ing to them; it was adorable!! I only wish I had my camera to capture that excitement in his eyes when he saw something new!!

After the hour and a half stroll, we ended our outing in the back yard where I just let him do his thing, get dirty, play with sticks…you know boy stuff. He didn’t move too much. I think he was amazed at the grass and branches that were left on the ground from the enormous tree we have in the back yard.

Here are a few pictures of Joey on the grass for the first time…..AAHHHHH…the outside world!!

Explain Why?!?!? Part Two

Once again...with all the toys...A laundry basket?!?!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Joey is really tring to have a converstation with me. It's the cutest thing. He'll start blah-ing and when he notices that I'm not looking at him when he talks, he will turn to me and start talking in such a way that it just melts my heart. I can't understand what he's saying but it really is the cutest thing ever!!!